Thursday, October 22, 2009

White Collar Crime and Securities: Federal Authorities Seek Top Russian Mobster on Fraud Charges

Federal investigators are seeking reputed Russian crime boss Semion Mogilevich on a 45 count indictment charging Mogilevich and others with racketeering (RICO), securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering.

The charges allege that Mogilevich owned a company called YBM, which purportedly manufactured magnets. YBM was a public company traded on the Ontario, Canada, exchange. Its headquarters was in suburban Philadelphia. Allegedly, the company did not produce magnets or anything else. Instead, it is alleged that the defendants moved large amounts of money through European banks including banks in Budapest, Hungary. According the the U.S., the movements of money were reported as the manufacture and sale of magnets. This made the company appear active and profitable, thus driving up its stock price. Those owning the stock, in short the defendants, were able to realize millions from the fraudulently valued stock. It is alleged that Mogilevich defraud American and Canadian investors out of $150 million.

Mogilevich is currently in Russia where authorities arrested him last year on fraud and tax charges. He is out of custody on bail in the Russian cases. American authorities have not been able to bring Mogilevich under U.S. jurisdiction because this country has neither an extradition treaty nor extradition relations with Russia. Authorities are hoping that Mogilevich travels to a jurisdiction that has either a treaty or extradition relations with the U.S.

This case is an example of organized crime elements becoming more sophisticated in their activities and becoming an international law enforcement group. Combating such crime will increasingly require international law enforcement cooperation.

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